My career in publicity started out as a way to fund my dream to become a rockstar.

I learned the difference between making it and not isn’t just about talent…it’s about getting visible.

Working in high-stakes Public Relations at Arista and Capitol Records and then at the most prestigious PR firm in NYC, I learned how to consistently land powerful, revenue-generating PR and publicity for my clients.

My favorite client at Arista was Aretha Franklin. An incredible person, woman, and artist. She even thanked me for our work together in her autobiography, Aretha: From These Roots.

I often hear coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs feeling like their message is not being heard so they’re not getting enough new clients.

What worked to get publicity for my Rockstar clients works for all the clients I’ve helped over the last 20+ years—peak performance and life coaches, health and wellness experts, authors, travel advisors, real estate developers, and more.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing my proven Get Visible Now Success System with my clients and seeing the results they get!


People want to hear your story.
They love to be inspired.

You have something important to share.

You want to make an impact and know what you have to say is important.

That’s why you need to know how to get in front of your ideal client avatar.

There’s so much noise out there. You need to break through the clutter!

It’s not obvious. It’s a critical skill that you can learn.

And you have to learn it.

Leveraging the power of the media rather than chasing social media.

Getting your message heard is the path to financial security in business.

If you know how to promote yourself,
You will never run out of clients.


Are You Ready?

  • To get in front of thousands to millions of your ideal client…for free
  • To grow your business FAST by leveraging the power of the media
  • To be seen as a leading authority in your field; an in-demand speaker and the go-to expert
  • To be featured in newspapers, magazines, TV, and podcasts
  • To boost your credibility by harnessing the Media Multiplier Effect (I’ll teach you all about it)

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